Economic Packages



Business Choice


  • English Editing by Native Experts
  • Conference Formatting Services (up to 5 Conferences of your choice)
  • Conference Submission (up to 5 Conferences of your choice)
  • Post-submission Full Services
Depending on the Feedback from Conference Organizers


No Editing Needed: 120 $

Professional Editing Needed: 150 $


Researcher-friendly Choice


  • Researcher-friendly Choice English Editing by Native Experts
  • Conference Formatting Services (up to 3 Conferences of your choice)
  • Conference Submission (up to 3 Conferences of your choice)
  • Post-submission Full Services
Depending on the Feedback from Conference Organizers (Normally 10 Days)


No Editing Needed: 100 $

Professional Editing Needed: 120 $


Article/Paper Submission Services @ Alphapubs.com


Paper Pre-submission Editing


Here at alphapubs.com we receive your papers and immediately assign an expert in your field to have the draft edited. It makes no difference for us whether it is technical paper to be submitted to specialized conferences or it is a review paper which can be presented to the audience in simple words- We edit all and provide the conference organizers with the finest version of your work.

Our expert team members specialize in sorting out the kind of conferences wherein your articles can be presented and well received by the audience. They work with almost all of the reputed conference organizers.

Our expert team members have worked with different Universities all over the world and are fully acquainted with the process of article preparation and submission.

Of course, receipt of an article, its editing stages and its submission are only the first stage. Later, when we receive the acceptance letter and send it to you, our duty still continues with helping you prepare your summarize PowerPoint presentation file and also in facilitating your visa procedure.

We, here at Alphapubs.com, regularly hold trainer training courses and provide our team members with the latest update on the procedure of article/paper submission to different conferences.

We firmly believe that attending conferences will provide the students as well as the academicians with the opportunity to prosper. In fact, dissemination of your works in the form of articles/papers over the world provides you with newer horizons and progress opportunities.

At alphapubs.com our experts assist you in every stage of preparation and submission of your articles/papers to conferences. We always provide affordable and economic, high quality and quick services to our clients. We make you reputed writers and presenters through your academic works.

As part of conference article/paper submission service procedure, our experts fuse developmental editing with copy editing aiming to improve your drafts to have it finally accepted for oral presentation at conference or for poster presentation.

Here is a glance at our pre-submission editing services:

  • Line-by-line editing of your work with prior to submission to conferences aiming to improve its clarity, organization and flow. Your authorial voice and intentions are given due attentions over this stage;
  • Correcting mechanical errors and mistakes including grammar, spelling and inconsistencies;
  • Revising, in collaboration with article writers, the style, tone, lexical choices and idiosyncrasies wherever and whenever needed;
  • Personalized recommendation for improving the content of the article to make it more coherent and cohesive.
  • Personalized¬†editor notes¬†providing a summary of the work that has been done and highlighting next steps for your manuscript

A point to remember is that your files are secure with us. We are a registered company and have our legal liabilities towards safe protection of the files you send to us. Furthermore, as part of our fundamental policy, we firmly abide by ethics of our profession. Existence of such large number of clients who trust us is a proof of our trustworthiness.