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Alphapubs.com (Paper Submission Services Company) was established in May 2001 with a vision to help those authors who do not have enough time to submit their papers to a journal or conference.

Our Expert Team here at Alphapubs.com (Paper Submission Services Company) includes a network of 1860 experts who have succeeded in fulfilling more than 186250 jobs as of now. Here at Alphapubs.com (Paper Submission Services Company) we truly understand our authors’ needs and set our aims accordingly. We aim to help scholars break through the confines of geography and language, bridge the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, and accelerate the process of publishing high-quality research.

We have more BELS-certified (Board of Editors in the Life Sciences) and CMPP-certified (Certified Medical Publication Professional) editors and writers as our staff than any other company – We suggest you check other companies as well because we are sure you will not find a better place.


We are a registered company (Paper Submission Services Company ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY) and provide legal services to our customers.

Alphapubs.com (Paper Submission Services Company) offers manual article submission services to be done by our expert UK professional article writers and submitters in quality and valuable journals. We are serving these services since 2001. Our professionals do the submissions with varied anchor text and descriptions given by the client. We work with unique journals, manually verifying their content and then submission to the related journals. We are proficient in article writing services and submissions.

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Conference Selection


Below criteria are considered for selecting a conference to which your paper will be submitted through our expert team:

  • The Scope of Each Conference will be thoroughly analyzed aiming to find the best match for your paper;
  • Your Specifications are completely considered before recommending the right conferences for your paper;
  • Desired Impact Factor & Target Audience and Readers are taken into consideration when choosing the conferences;
  • Manuscript Type is matched with the most impactful conferences to ensure the correct submission.



We, here at alphapubs.com (Paper Submission Services Company) offer scientific editing discount programs for organizations, universities, and institutions who wish to support the publication and fundraising efforts of their members, faculty, or staff. We accept almost any type of payment including Purchase Order and Electronic Funds Transfer to make it as easy as possible for you and your institution. Email us if you need a pro forma invoice, and we will quickly provide one at no charge.

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How to Choose a Good and Professional Academic Conference


There are many criteria in selection of Academic Conferences/ Academic Seminars/ Academic Congresses and Academic Events around the world. Here are some of our experiences to be shared with you:

Students and those involved in research areas often disseminate their research work through Academic Conferences/ Academic Seminars/ Academic Congresses and Academic Events around the world in the form of Oral Presentation or Poster Presentation. A published record of the conferences is called conference proceeding. The conferences may be sponsored by a University, Society, Association or NGO. Based on your area of study and area of interest and research data, you may look up most convenient Academic Conferences/ Academic Seminars/ Academic Congresses and Academic Events around the world.


Conference Background Check

In order to gain an insight, you may seek the help of other colleagues, researchers and practitioners or just leave it to us @ alphapubs.com to choose it for you. Presenting an academic paper/academic article in Academic Conferences/ Academic Seminars/ Academic Congresses and Academic Events around the world provides an important platform to discuss your work may be prior to publication of your work in an official journal. Presentation of academic papers/academic articles allows students to engage in leading-edge research early on in their scientific career and also allows them to get acquainted with the most prestigious Universities around the world and have the opportunity to be admitted in different courses and Degree Programs. 

There must be some logical reasons, apart from its scientific credibility, to attend Academic Conferences/ Academic Seminars/ Academic Congresses and Academic Events around the world to present academic papers/academic articles. Below are some points to note:

  • On the outset, Academic Conferences/ Academic Seminars/ Academic Congresses and Academic Events must provide visibility to you and your research work and create an opportunity for receiving feedback from audience and also allowing you to engage in academic discussions. The opinion of leading researchers in your area of study is vital to improve, promote and strengthen your research prior to its publication.
  • Academic Conferences/ Academic Seminars/ Academic Congresses and Academic Events must provide presenters and opportunity to network with their peers and other student-researchers. Such an opportunity will provide a framework to develop future cooperation with fellow researchers.
  • You must make sure that the theme of the conference matches your research work and coincides with your time and availability.
  • Double-check authenticity of the hosting University/ Organization/ Institute to avoid predatory conferences that merely make money by holding valueless conferences.
  • Double-check if any claimed journal publication will be done through well-established, professional, academic and reputed or even credible organization and institutes. In fact the opportunity to publish your papers and articles is a significant academic goal, ensure conference attendance will actively assist the research process.

How to Select which Conference to Attend

There is a key point in deciding to attend a conference or orally presenting an academic paper/article. Nothing starts with presentation of a paper when you feel you are ready. In fact, you must practice how to reach the state of readiness. Attending conferences readily allows you learn how to engage in academic situations.

Generally, the issue of funding is a crucial point to note while choosing a conference. There are different types of conferences some of which charge presentation costs and some others are free of charge. Here are references to some of the world conferences:


Academic Conferences/ Academic Seminars

The most reputed conferences are commonly held by Universities and also International Associations on annual, bi-annual, quarterly or…bases. A proper place to seek the information on the same might be the websites of International Associations specializing in your area of study. In case you are not a registered member of such associations, you may opt for connecting with other students or colleagues who are or even look the information-provider websites which present authentic data. This, of course, must be remembered that many associations have student registration plans which are free of charge or are very cheap and affordable. These association often mention the details of the conferences which are academic, authentic and reputed and show the links of such conferences. 


Academic Events (Meetings and Gatherings) of International Associations

In case you wish first to attend a kind of academic gathering wherein you just have to present your work to smaller number of audience (most probably in your own language), you are better to search for National Meetings. Of course not all the National Meetings and Gatherings require presentation of papers. Such events provide you an opportunity to get acquainted with gatherings and learn how to behave professionally in other reputed conferences. Such kind of events can be organized by student associations or the Universities within a country.


Industry Events

This type of events is one of the most interesting gathering for students in that it acquaints them with the future areas of occupation and provides them opportunity to start relationships with the industry realm. Workshops organized on specialized topics held by industry activities in cooperation with academic associations and universities tend to gather many students who wish to get involved in industrial activists or who wish to learn new perspectives in their area of study. 


A Last Word

Although it is correct that much information about conferences may be found by browsing the Internet but, you must be very cautious in choosing a venue to attend. There are some FOR-PROFIT institutes which have made conferences a way to earn money without actually caring about academia. They usually advertise themselves through email. They send batch emails to anyone they find access to and invite them to submit papers or abstract of papers for a conference. Their emails usually is charming and offer some interesting benefits for the attendees such as (possible) publication of your projects in reputed journals free of charge but, they play with wording and usually deceive you.

You can consult our team of experts prior to submitting to a conference or that you may place an order and leave all the procedure to us from writing a paper till receiving a letter of acceptance.